Rebecca Perry


Though I think of youeating three tiny chicken hearts on a skewer

or the skinny girl at schoolwith shallow breathing and white hands,

chicken-hearted means easily frightened,and has nothing to do with the heart.


A Crown prince is a male heir to a sovereign throne.A Crown princess

is the wife of a Crown prince.


Though I think of opening our door to a postman we were told had died

the month before, postman’s knock is a game where imaginary letters

are exchanged for kisses

and has nothing to do with dead men at the door.


Inner man – the soul or mind, the stomach.For inner woman see

INNER MAN Camelopard is not a hybrid of a camel and a leopard.


Though I think of a line of cow hearts strung up by the

side of a road in Kochin, blurry with flies, their tubes open to the sky like bird mouths,

a purple heart is nothing but an amphetamine or a US military decoration.


Simplicity is a rainbird.A rainbird is a bird that can forewarn of rain.


Butter-and-eggs is not butter and eggs, but a plant with two shades of yellow in its flower.

Daffodil, toadflax, bunny mouths, dead men’s bones, impudent lawyer, Jacob’s ladder,

lion’s mouth, snapdragon.


Though I am listing flowers I am not thinking of flowers.

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